Manual diff and peripheral smear anemia

Dec 17, 2012 The circumstances, which will necessitate a 100cell DIFF by the reviewer include (a) if the review is being performed also for the purpose of QC for the DIFF or for assessing competency of the staff in performing manual DIFF and (b) if, in the judgement of the reviewer, the DIFF results reported by the blood smear examiner are either Examination of the peripheral blood smear is an inexpensive but powerful diagnostic tool in both children and adults.

In some ways it is becoming a" lost art" but it often provides rapid, reliable access to information about a variety of hematologic disorders. The smear offers a window into the Jan 14, 2015 Manual differential blood count: This is performed by visual examination of peripheral blood smear (blood films) by trained personnel. [ 3 The automated differential blood count is less Manual diff and peripheral smear anemia and less expensive than routine examination of blood smear.

Diagnostic approach to Anemia. Department of Pathology. University of Utah School of Medicine. Outline Manual differentialmanual peripheral smear review Peripheral smear of a Megaloblastic Anemia Patient. The macroovalocytes on peripheral smear and the increased RBC distribution width that are typical of classic megaloblastic anemia may be absent. If nonmegaloblastic macrocytosis is unexplained clinically (eg, by the presence of aplastic anemia, chronic liver disease, or alcohol use) or if myelodysplasia is suspected, bone marrow examination Determine qualitative and quantitative variations in white cell numbers and morphology, morphology of red cells and platelet evaluation; evaluate anemia, leukemia, and other conditions.

Methodology Microscopic examination THE PERIPHERAL BLOOD SMEAR IS A VALUABLE COMPONENT OF THE CBC. Anne Barger, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVP. anemia. Red blood cells should be evenly spaced from each other and almost touching. A differential count of cells should be performed at high power, in the monolayer of the blood smear. The white blood cells observed in the As part of a blood smear evaluation, a manual WBC differential is performed.

Typically, at least 100 WBCs are found, counted, and categorized according to type. Typically, at least 100 WBCs are found, counted, and categorized according to type. The smear review is performed same as manual differential but rather than quantitating the different types of cells the technologist will look for abnormal cells and The blood smear test is often done to diagnose conditions that are causing: unexplained jaundice; unexplained anemia (low levels of normal red blood cells) CBC (includes Differential and Platelets) with Smear Review Overview; Ordering Info If abnormal cells are noted on a manual review of the peripheral blood smear or if the automated differential information meets specific criteria, a full manual differential will be performed.