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CyberCafePro is fully supported. You can choose from free options or become a Premium Member for exclusive support options! Learn More: Facebook Like us! on Facebook for the latest updates, releases, promotions, news etc. about CyberCafePro Internet cafe software. Go to Facebook Now: CyberCafePro Client will work with CyberCafePro Server (MCS). CyberCafePro Client ( ) Download& then install the CyberCafePro Client software to ALL the computers which will be used by customers.

CyberCafePro offers many features for the traditional cyber cafe but the gaming center features are out dated. If you are looking to manage a few computer without investing money then CyberCafePro is an excellent way to go. OneRoof CyberCafePro Server is designed for Cyber Cafe owners who need to control, charge for, and report on the use of Download cyber cafe pro 6 server Recent OneRoof CyberCafePro Client questions, problems& answers. Read OneRoof CyperCafePro Client User Manual text version OneRoof CyberCafePro Client Installation, Setup and User Manual Suggestion: View manual on computer at 200 to see screenshot details.

The network setting will then be updated and the OneRoof CyberCafePro Client software will then be able to communicate with the OneRoof CyberCafePro Main Control Station (Server) software. 0 and then doubleclick the Client setup program.

click the Public Network hyperlink to change it. OneRoof CyberCafePro MCS Installation, Setup and Use Manual The information requested on the third and fourth pages of the Registration Wizard is identical for both CyberCafes and Telecentres. OneRoof CyberCafePro Client Installation, Setup and Use Manual Installation of CyberCafePro 6. 0 Client Install CyberCafePro Client on every Client OneRoof by Telecentre Foundation is an easytouse management and reporting solution for public access computing environments.

Gain greater insight into how and by whom your computers are used, with online control over each computer in your network. To create a manual timer for a Client machine: 1.

Creating Manual Account Timers OneRoofs CyberCafePro allows you to create timers linked to prepaid accounts to automatically track the time and deduct prepaid minutes. New in CyberCafePro Server: Home Page Control added Premium members can control where the browser home page lands. Previous Recent OneRoof CyberCafePro Client questions, problems& answers.

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