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Apr 10, 2008 RPG Consuming Web Services with HTTPAPI and SoapUI. Article ID: Posted April 10th, 2008 By: Scott Klement Folks interested in web services will be interested in SoapUI, an opensource (free) tool for testing and debugging web services. RE: Scott Klement's HTTPAPI timeout value and based not stuff. then community in able list Absolute Performance, Inc.

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Why Web Services? How is this The user types some data or makes some selections HTTPAPI was originally written by Httpapi scott klement user manual (Scott Klement) to assist with a project that I had back in 2001. For anyone familiar with Scott Klement's opensource httpapi, I am using his Example 8 to retrieve an XML file from the web.

I can get it to work, as long as I hard code the entire web address on the" eval rchttpurlpost" line. HTTPAPI is supported two different ways: Free (community) support is available via the FTPAPIHTTPAPI mailing list there is also a searchable archive of this mailing list. Commercial support is available (for a fee) from Profound Logic Software Re: Httpapi Scott, I have tried to leave you alone.

I do not want to bother you at all while you are trying to recover. I wish you all the best, and a speedy recovery. OCEAN User Group of Southern California. Oceanusergroup. org Scott Klement. Simon Hutchinson. Stack Overflow. Steve Will's Blog. Young i Professionals. Next OCEAN Meeting Tuesday, September 18th. 3 Presentations by IBM i Expert Larry Bolhuis! Yeah, I second the notion that you need to look at your handlers We've got a process using HTTPAPI that receives the response into a user space due to size, parses out a Base64 encoded XML into another user space (again due to size), then parses that second XML.