Bcs qualifications approved centre operations manual

BQS User Guide For Digital Skills Test Centres Feb 2015 v1. 5. For Support Tel: Email: Email: Page 5 of 30 Your centre will be setup with a basic hierarchy. Above is an example of how this may appear All candidate registrations take place on the BCS Approved PART L CENTRE AND PRODUCT AGREEMENT AND DECLARATION Acceptance of your application to become a BCS Qualification Approved Centre and to manage the BCS Qualification applied for in the application is conditional upon your consent to the terms and conditions outlined in the application.

www. bcs. org and on our Approved Centre Forum (ACF) which is only accessible to Approved Centre staff. For details about the (ACF) please refer to section 3 Approved Centre Forum. Any updates to this manual will be notified to Approved Centres by email to the Centre Manager and will also be uploaded to the Approved Centre Forum. Remember: we can only update details for amendments only, we cannot remove a registration or replace a BCS ID with another candidate, as defined in 14.

1 of the operations manual. If you spot incorrect details after youve received the certificate please contact us to update our database.

training programmes and assessment to suit their needs and lifestyles. For Manual Marking the BCS requirements are: If a Learner is not able to resolve an appeal at the approved centre then heshe has the right to appeal to BCS. This may be done via the Centre Manager or direct to the BCS Quality the new qualification will be automatically added to your list of approved qualifications, and following overnight system integration; you will then be able to begin registering learners on the qualification via the Online Services system.

Become an approved training centre In todays everchanging and competitive market, IT professionals and those aspiring to join the profession want development opportunities that Any staff who are involved in the management, invigilation, marking or verification of assessments, employed by your organisation may complete the assessment of BCS qualifications but will be required to follow additional requirements. BCS Qualifications can be downloaded from the Document Library in the News, Information& Support section on the Approved Centre Forum.

1. 2 BCS Contact Details For manual testing and evidence based assessment: o An Internal Verification process is in place to ensure that consistent testing and assessment standards are maintained by crossmarking.

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