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Hopefully some of this information will be helpful to someone else with a Newcomb Weaver's Delight loom. I realized I never wrote about the cams when I was doing the restoration of my loom, probably because I didn't know anything about them at the time. Several patterns are included in the Weaver's Delight manual. It only shows a very small Aug 15, 2010 Resources for Owners of Weaver's Delights (and other looms) Janet Meany and the Weaver's Friend Loom Manual Library both on a homemade by my dad loom and a Newcomb Weaver's Delight.

Both of my parents have passed away and with them, the knowledge of the looms. Weavers delight instructions. Sample from Loom Manual Library. Instruction booklet for Weavers Delight Loom Newcomb Loom Company.

Text& layout: This Envelope contains Detailed Instructions for Unpacking and Assembling the Weavers Delight Loom Miscellaneous Material Associated with Weaving, Textiles, and Related Subjects Instructions for Setting Up and Operating the Weaver's Delight 4Harness Carpet, Rug and Cloth Loom 2002. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 1. 2 MB PDF. Instructions for Setting up and Operating the Weaver's Friend Carpet and Rug Loom, Newcomb Loom Company, 40 pages Jul 14, 2016 She also is keeper of The Loom Manual Library, where you can buy manuals for many antique looms, including the Weaver's Delight.

She also provides other historic information related to looms& loom manufacturers. The Newcomb Loom Co. 's Weavers Delight beautifully restored by the Steinbuglers of Raleigh, North Carolina. This loom has a semiautomatic fly shuttle, semiautomatic advance, and a semiautomatic shed changing mechanism.

The Weavers Friend Loom Manuals, History and Resources. News; The Loom Manual Library. J L Hammett; Later The Little Daisy, a 2 harness fly shuttle loom and Weavers Delight, a four harness fly shuttle loom were to follow. Weaver's Delight Four Harness Fly Shuttle Loom Illustration from original Manual.

Apr 26, 2013 Mechanics of semiautomatic loom, designed in the 1890s Weavers Delight Loom Submitted by CedarHillWovens on Thu, 03: 07. There is a lot of information in the Weaver's Delight manual, and you will want to heed their cautions.

The WD is a different animal. Check out YouTube videos for other information.