Impact suction 326m service manual

Details about IMPACT Suction Apparatus System 326M Series Instruction Manual. IMPACT Suction Apparatus System 326M Series Instruction Manual This item is the instruction manual only. See others listings at our store for available pumps. G G: : Suction Apparatus, Surgical: Special Features: Solid state vacuum control system adjusted by a vacuum control switch to nominal settings of 90 and 120 mm hg. automatic overflow switch. 4 ball bearing casters, two of which are locking, for ease of mobility.

suitable for gastroinstestinal decompression or suprepubic drainage. Replacement battery for the Impact ultralite 326 326M Portable Aspirator Suction Unit (ea). This battery will also fit the Impact UniVent Eagle 754 Transport Ventilator. SPECIFICATIONS 5. 0 out of 5 stars Impact M Portable Surgical Suction Pump Aspirator Impact Instrumentation Model 326M (Military Version) UltraLite Continuous Intermittent Suction Machine Pump.

Please note that the backup battery no longer takes a charge and has been removed to reduce shipping weight. The Impact Model M is a selfcontained, multipurpose, suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper airway during oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and tracheal suctioning Impact suction 326m service manual, programmable gastrointestinal and abdominal service manual (326m) Item Number Images, OEM names and models are shown or listed for compatibility and descriptive purposes only, and any associated trademarks andor copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.

suction apparatus, surgical Detail: A power operated item which is used in maintaining negativity in the pleural space by rapid removal of airfluids or for use in suctioning of The Impact Suction Unit Model M can be used to provide both long and short term suction for oropharyngeal, tracheal, wound drainage, and abdominal or thoracic decompression procedures. This easy to use unit runs on ACDC power or internal rechargeable batteries that provide several hours of power for transports or emergency backup.

Related documentation This Hardware Maintenance Manual and Troubleshooting Guide is provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). It contains information to help you The IMPACT Instrumentation, Inc.Continous& Intermittent Suction, model 326M is a portable, self contained, general purpose, medical suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper Ventilation made easy.

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