Fw bell 4180 manual

RESOURCES. Download product literature, user manuals or software for the F. W. Bell product range. F. W. Bell model 4190 tripleaxis Gaussmeter measures AC magnetic fields from power lines, home and building wiring and appliances. 4100 series, ELF meter. PARAMETER Value; Frequency response: 25 to 1200 Hz, 5, 20 to 2000 Hz, 15 The 4100 Series ELF gaussmeter is designed to measure only AC magnetic fields.

These include but are not restricted to the 5060 Hz magnetic field emanating from power lines. FW Bell 4180 Gauss Meter Gauss Meter accurately measures Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields generated by electrical equipment.

Lightweight and completely self contained, this easy to use Basic ELF Meter is ideal for commercial or industrial use. Order online the FW Bell 4180 from Transcat. Free Shipping when you spend 250 User manuals and technical guides. Operator Manuals and Technical information All models come with instruction manual, soft carrying case and four AAA batteries. The 4190 analog output feature provides a buffered output for viewing analog waveform on an dB frequency response of the instrument from 20 to 20, 000 Hz and is included with all 4180 and 4190 Elf meters.

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