Grating light valve design manual

5. 2: Grating Light Valve Technology: Update and Novel Applications D. T. Amm, R. W. Corrigan Silicon Light Machines, Sunnyvale, CA Our design goal for this system was a refresh rate of 96Hz, a multiple of 3 or 4 times video or film content of 30 or 24 fps, respectively. At 1920 horizontalsupport the SGA architecture, a system approach with Silicon Light MachinesTM Grating Light ValveTM Technology Brief Breakthrough MEMS Component Technology for Optical Networks Silicon Light Machines was founded in 1994 to develop and commercialize a range of products based on the Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology.

and electrical design of the GLV technology is intrinsically The grating light valve (GLV) display Grating light valves for other applications IKT 4 Two methods for steering light Deflection Diffraction.

IKT 5 The grating light valve (GLV) Grating Light Valve Electrostatically deflect ribbons Distance to wafer 4 Light is reflected or diffracted modifications of the grating shape Design objective: Using grating light valve (GLV) technology, picture elements (pixels) are formed on the surface of a silicon chip and become the source for display projection on anything from an auditorium screen down to a handheld computer display.

Using GLV, displays of the future may cost much less, require less space, and make highresolution images possible in handheld personal communication devices. The grating light valve (GLV) is a" micro projection" technology which operates using a dynamically adjustable diffraction grating.

It competes with other light valve technologies such as Digital Light Processing (DLP) and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) for implementation in video projector devices such as rearprojection televisions. The grating light valve (GLV) technology is a micromechanical phase grating.

By providing controlled diffraction of incident light, a GLV device will produce bright or dark pixels in a display system. Metal Bar Grating Engineering Design Manual. 2014; MBG; MBG; Downloads: 0 each Download PDF. Share. NAAMM Headquarters 800 Roosevelt Rd. Bldg. C, Suite 312 Glen Ellyn, IL (630) phone (630 GRATING LIGHT VALVES FOR HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAYS RAJ B. APTE Report No. 5192 A DISSERTATION The Grating Light Valve (hereafter GLV) is a micromechanical light valve intended for as well as for simplifying the design ofdrivers (fast pixels can be addressed by a passive The Grating Light Valve TM (GLV tm) spatial light modulator is a unique and proven CMOS processcompatible optical MEMS device.

The modulator employs a dynamically adjustable diffraction grating to manipulate an optical signal. Grating light valve is a result of the technological evolution of structures (MOEMS) that are responsible for the combination of mechanical, electrical and optical components on a microscopic level. The Grating Light Valve: revolutionizing display technology By: D. M.

Bloom, Silicon Light Machines (formerly Echelle, Inc. ) ABSTRACT The Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology is a micromechanical phase grating.

Other linear light valves, such as the grating light valve [1, 3, 6 and the flexible micromirror array [4 are not well suited for this approach. Figure 7 shows our initial design for a trilinear