Montefiore house staff manual policy

The House Staff Office at Montefiore Medical Center processes postgraduate residents and fellows, for training, in over 80 accredited residency and fellowship programs. Weiler Hospital Nephrology Attending Service. Level of supervision: see the outline and summary in the Renal Fellows Guide and Orientation Manual. Your direct line of responsibility is your attendingthe one you round with daily on this rotation.

Housestaff who are on the team of the patients cared for; Educates patient and families Westchester Medical Center @New York Medical College. Internal Medicine Housestaff Manual. 2. Dear House staff, improvement elective for house staff. Data from several of quality improvement projects completed by house staff are being compiled for publication.

Dr. Montefiore has been a leader in physical therapy and rehab care for over 100 years, and provides shortterm rehabilitation and posthospital rehab. Montefiore PostHospital Rehab Center. We use a combination of manual compression lymphatic massage implemented by our certified staff of Lymphedema therapists which is available for This policy applies to all Montefiore associates, patients, and visitors.

This policy extends to: all employed and voluntary physicians, house staff, full and parttime employees, contractors, consultants, vendors, agency workers, per diem employees, travel nurses, POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL SUBJECT: TOBACCO FREE ENVIRONMENT POLICY They educate the house staff and supply articles and reference material on uptodate medical information as it applies to their patients.

Orthopedics, Palliative Medicine, Sleep Medicine (via away elective to Montefiore), and Rehab Medicine during clinic month or electives. staff and visitors.

It is the policy of the North Bronx Health Policy Scholarships The Mastery in General Surgery Program at Montefiore is a 13month appointment to the department of surgery.

It will consist of a 9. 5month rotation at the Moses Division and 3. 5 months at the Weiler Hospital Campus. He or she will attend the Medical Staff Administrative Committee and the Leadership Council HOUSE STAFF ORIENTATION Basic Coding, Teaching Physician Guidelines and Evaluation& Management Guidelines Montefiore Medical Center Billing Compliance Department June 2007 What is Medical Coding? Coding. FACULTY PRACTICE PLAN TEACHING PHYSICIAN BILLING POLICY (Based on Medicare Carriers Manual Transmittal 1780, Section, Supervising It is the policy of Montefiore Medical Center to provide sick leave benefits to eligible House Staff.

POLICY APPLICABLE TO: All House Staff Officers HOUSE STAFF MANUAL. 2 HOUSE STAFF OFFICE 150 E. 210th St.3rd Floor (Opposite the 210th street entrance of the Hospital) Phone: Fax: Hours PHYSICIAN IMPAIRMENT AND DRUG ABUSE POLICY 23 PREAPPOINTMENT AND ANNUAL PHYSICIAL EXAMINATIONS 23 PRETRAINING DRUG TESTING POLICY 2325 Policies& Regulations. The Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual establishes a framework and sets standards that guide how we should conduct ourselves as employees and members of the broader Princeton community.

Staff members are atwill employees. As such, this manual is not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, a Description. MCN Healthcare's Home Health Policy and Procedure Manual provides over 400 policies and procedures addressing administration, emergency management, human resources, medical records, infection control, safety and security, equipment management, medication management, performance improvement, patient rights and responsibilities, waived testing as well as patient care.