Manual pectoralis minor stretch

Pectoralis minor tightness is a common finding in people with shoulder dysfunction. Weve discussed how to stretch the pec minor in the past with mixed results its a hard muscle to stretch well. There are a few techniques I like to perform including pinning the muscle and relaxing in a positional release that fits my reverse posturing theory.

Apr 05, 2013 Pectoralis Minor: Palpation, Manual Therapy and Stretch Pectoralis Minor Static Manual Release Manual Pectoralis Minor Stretch Duration: 5: 41. Brent Brookbush 54, 300 views. A manual stretch lasts much shorter than a mechanical stretch.

When you stretch manually you often hold a position or move through a range of motion on your own. Alternatively, you may use an object or training partner to provide resistance or to help you hold the stretch.

The pectoralis minor is a small, triangleshaped muscle located on the outer side of your upper chest. It connects your third, fourth and fifth ribs to the top of your shoulder blade and functions to To stretch the pec minor, I have settled on a manual supine technique the combines aligning the shoulder in the correction orientation of the pectoralis minor Pec minor stretches are often used in physical therapy to control the anterior or inferior pull of the scapula, which results in forward shoulders.

Pectoralis Minor Action The pectoralis minor action is to internally rotate and anteriorly tilt the scapula. The second most effective stretch was demonstrated to be a unilateral manual supine stretch, whereas a sitting manual stretch was the least effective at maximizing the pectoralis minor length. The 3 stretches were determined to be statistically different from one another ( Table II ). As promised after Monday's post on Cadavers and Manual Therapy, here is my updated, pain free version of the Pec Minor Release.

People who don't bother reading my blog regularly, or are just too high and mighty for their own good, stick to their bickering forums, etc don't realize that I preach modern manual therapy. May 28, 2013 Join to get instant access to 260 videos, 180 articles, and 80 panel discussions in our fully integrated online platform http The current study sought to determine whether or not manual therapy and stretching of pectoralis minor reduces roundedshoulder posture and increases lower trapezius strength in healthy 20 Stretching exercises for the upper body should include one for the pec minor.

A corner pec stretch is much like a pushup at the wall, except that the emphasis is placed on staying in the position that causes your chest muscles to lengthen.