Qso king antenna manual

Aug 06, 2013 I am trying to find a good antenna that will cover many bands from 6 meters all the way to 80! I found the QSO KING antenna on Ebay with the 36 inch NOTE A wide range tunermay be needed to tune this antenna to 160 or 6meters. " The" QSO KING" isourlatest antenna design developed to meet the needs of amateurs, short wave listeners, and So for these hams, antennas like the QSO KING and their variants are the best way to get on the air, although be it with a compromise antenna.

I have personal experience with the PAR Endfedz EF4020 and these have done quite well for me. The Maple Leaf" QSOKING" is an end fed, multiband, wire antenna that will cover all bands from80 to 6 meters, including the WARC Bands, as well as 60 metersandMARS frequencies.

Apr 16, 2014 Glad it's working, have a QSO King 120' I need to put up, same basic design. " If It Has Tits, Wheels, or a CPU, it's gonna cause you Problems. " NRA LIFE MEMBER FOR 25 YEARS. Mar 05, 2015 I recently bought a QSOKing 36' end fed antenna (and Line Isolator) to use as my starter antenna. I plan on mounting a second tripod and mast on the other end of the house as soon as the weather permits, the roof is full of snow now and it's really cold outside so I can't set it up now.

The QSO King antenna can be used in all weather but the dipole can not be used when windy conditions blow the feedline Qso king antenna manual the support tower and the swr fluctuats too much. Over all I am very pleased with the antenna.

Jim I bought the QSO King antenna you were talking about in your article about 3 years ago. I installed it according to the instructions and it works fantastically. I RT on all bands including 160MHz. I cut the antenna to 107 ft. I also bought his RF choke and installed it below the balum.

I checked the antenna with my analyser and found no band Jack Digital TV Antenna Installation Guide Our motorhome came with a bat wing style antenna made by Antennatek, apparently a knockoff of the Winegard Sensar III antenna. Being it was a knockoff, we could not add the Winegard Wingman to increase HD reception so it was either replace it with a Winegard Sensar IV or go with the Jack Digital Antenna from King Controls. QSOKing End Fed Antennas by NUR product reviews by real people like you.

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