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About the SUNBIRD 16 (AMF) sailboat. Information on production or series built sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts. Jul 26, 2012 AMF Alcort Sunbird sailboat My latest project is a 1979 Sunbird sailboat.

Step one was to lengthen the trailer. I was able to add 24" to the frame, and 36" to the wooden bunks. Since the Sunbird manual recommends 4 keel rollers, I added them, using brackets made from Unistrut.

The motor moved the boat along nicely on my first Owners Manual AMFSunbird. 1. 1b. 12. 13. 16. 17. l. INTRODUCTION Thank you for buying a new AMF Alcort Sunbird. daysailer. It is our If, for any reason, your Sunbird should become capsized on the water and you and your crew are unable to right her, do not swim away.

It is considered far wiser to stay with your boat for three 1975 AMF Alcort Sunbird This AMF Alcort sailboat has a hull made of fiberglass and has an overall length of 15. 92 feet. The beam (or width) of this craft is 59 inches.

Very nice AMF Sunbird 16' daysailer. This is a great family boat with a huge cockpit. comes with main and jib in working condition have a copy of the original Sunbird Sport Sailboat Owner's Manual very active sailing class with an active owner's group on Yahoo Groups Sailboat Sunbird AMF Sponsored Link. Share Remove Report. Sale AMF Sunbird's centerboard question Does anyone have a drawing of the AMF Sunbird's centerboard?

Does it have anything that limits it's position of downward" swing" when it is fully dropped? The 1978 AMF (Alcort) Sunbird is a daysailor with a standard sloop rig. The standing rigging is very straightforward with a forestay and two sidestays. There is no backstay, just a boom topping lift. The 1976 AMF Alcort Sunbird sailboat has a fiberglass hull and has an overall length of 15. 92 feet (sometimes referred to as LOA). The width (or beam) of this craft is 59 inches.

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com or call (860) 274 8370. Amf zuma sailboat manual. Optimal Weight: Rigging Manual.