Controlotron 1010 flowmeter manually

Manual Addendum 1010FMA4 July 2002 SETUP PROCEDURE FOR WETFLOW CALIBRATED 1010 SYSTEM 1. INTRODUCTION When the system 1010 is wetflow calibrated, the flow computer stores the installation parameters in its storage memory. Each flow calibration is Controlotron 1010 flowmeter manually a unique site name.

Usually, the site name corresponds to the pipe size. Siemens Controlotron 1010ADNRT1KGS MultiFunction Ultrasonic Flowmeter This is the control unit only and does not include an external flowmeter. Please Contact Siemens for pricing and availability of this accessory as well as others that may be necessary for your application.

Controlotron Corporation owns the software contained in this equipment (System 1010). Controlotron Corporation hereby grants to RenterBuyer a nonexclusive, nontransferable, personal license to use this software. This license is meant to limit the use of Controlotrons software Renter Buyer and only within RenterBuyers wholly owned facility.

Controlotron flowmeters have been in continuous service for over 20 years without requiring service. Lowest Cost of Ownership of Any Flowmeter System 1010s low cost of ownership starts with low initial cost, especially in its MultiChannel configuration, measuring flow on up to four different pipes Manual Controlotron 1010 Free S& H Controlotron Uniflow Transit Ultrasonic Flow Meter 994P3GLSB3 control.

C 198. 51, or controlotron system 1010 ultrasonic transittime flowmeter. controlotron The ultrasonic technology of the Siemens, formerly Controlotron, SITRANS 1010 clampon flowmeter provides highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases. With no pressure drop, a wide turndown ratio and no need to cut the pipe or stop the flow, Siemens' SITRANS FUS1010 is a truly versatile clampon ultrasonic flowmeter.

Because it can operate in either WideBeam transit time or Doppler mode, there's no All About 1010's Reflexor Flowmeter 1010's Reflexor Flowmeter is an advanced form of Doppler Flowmeter, a successor to Controlotron's award winning System 190, Fast Fourier Transform Spectra. [Channel Enable. 1 ABOUT THIS FIELD MANUAL 1010PFM3C This field manual is designed to enable someone with no prior experience to setup and operate Controlotrons Portable 1010 Flowmeter. 1. Where a visual of the key is shown.

2 GENERAL INSTALLATION MENU NOTES! On multichannel flowmeters, use the arrow keys to select [Dual Channel Flow or [Dual Beam Flow depending on the mode utilized for the wetflow calibration.

Use the arrow keys to select either [Clampon, [Flow Tube or [Clampon S pool. Our customers have Siemens Controlotron 1010 flow meter with 1015N modbus card. I configured the card according to manual but can only read first 6 registers.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Nonintrusive System 1010PV ultrasonic flowmeter automatically compensates for product viscosity changes, making it suitable for pipelines carrying crude oil, refined petroleum or liquefied gas, and for custody transfer and checkmeter applications.