Bk 117 c2 flight manual download

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EASAApproved Rotorcraft Flight Manual BK117 C2 CAA Accepted as AIR 2984 (6). Bk117 C 2 Flight Manual BK117 C2 EC 145 SB BK117 C2 Optional. eurocopter bk 117 c 2 flight manual Direct Download; Results. During a maintenance check flight with a MBBBK 117 C2 helicopter, a dummy load Rotorcraft Flight Manual (Supplement) is acceptable to comply. BK 117 B2 ROTORCRAFT SIMULATION FLIGHT MANUAL Valid for Model: BK 117 B2 Simulator Version: XPlane 9. 40 Serial No. : NDBK17 Year of Manufacture: 2009 Manufacturer: ND Art& Technology THIS MANUAL MUST BE CARRIED IN THE HELICOPTER AT ALL TIMES ROTORCRAFT SIMULATION FLIGHT MANUAL BK 117 This checklist is to be used as a pilot's reference aid only and does not replace nor supersede the applicable BK 117 C2 flight manual.

FOR USAACE USE ONLY March 2017 Version Normal Revision Issue Sent: Dec. 11, 2015 BK117 C2EC 145 FLIGHT MANUAL REVISIONS STATUS EASA CERTIFICATION This manual EASA AIRBUS HELICOPTERS EC 145 (BK 117) Draft Report Page 1 of 39 Date: FLM Flight Manual FTD Flight Training Device FNPT Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer (BK 117) C2, C2e Flight Manual Bk 117 C2 For the BK117 B2 see FM 113.

For the BK117 C2 ( EC 145 ) see FM 9. 12 5. 1 ( All other doors also have to be removed ) FLIGHT MANUAL BK117 B2 Flight Control System