Janus c flight manual

Janus C The Janus C has carbonfibre wings of 20 m span and a carbonfibre tailplane. The Janus Ce was certified in 1991 and incorporated modifications to the cockpit and fin. U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC (866) tellFAA ((866) ) JANUS C FLIGHT MANUAL 2. 2. 1 012erating Limits Airspeeds (IAS) kmh knots Maximum speed Flap settings 8, 0, 4, 7 VNE 250 135 Maximum speed Flap setting L VFE 140 76 Maximum speed Rough air VRA 180 97 Maneuvering speed VA 180 97 Maximum speed Aero tow VT 180 97 Maximum speed Auto and winch tow SchemppHirth Janus A flight manual.

Powered by Phoca Download. About GGC Documents Repository. Access to all folders is public, however some documents are only available for downloading to registered Geelong GC members. Please contact GGC Webmaster if you have a query with regard to any document stored on the website. A FLIGHT TEST EVALUATION OF THE SCHEMPHIRTH JANUS By Richard H. Johnson, Published in Soaring Magazine, March 1979 Janus is listed in the dictionary as an ancient Italian divinity, god of beginnings, having two faces, looking Tags are primarily used for document types whose content cant be directly indexed such as images or videos.

If a search doesn't return the item you were looking for, try a search using a short search term such as aircraft type in the tag box (clear the other search fields). JANUS B Flight Manual Table of contents Page Amendments 2 Operating data and limitations 3 5b Operating instructions 6 16 Minimum equipment 16 Wing and tail setting, control surface movements 17 Weight and C. G. range 18 19a Cockpit load 20 Water ballast 20a Threeside view, Download 1 Schempphirth Aircrafts PDF manuals.

User manuals, Schempphirth Aircrafts Operating guides and Service manuals. The Flight Manual for this sailplane has been prepared to provide pilots and instructors with information for the safe and efficient operation of the Duo Discus. This manual includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by JAR, Part 22. JANUS FLIGHT MANUAL Longitudinal trim The springtype trimming device (green knob) at the lefthand side or the cockpit, where the seat is supported, is gradually variable.

With the C. G. in a medium position the glider can be trimmed for steady flight at speeds or Page 73 of 153 BGA glider data sheet Janus C Data source: Flight Manual Date of issue: June 1980 Manufacturer: Schempp Hirth, Flugzeugbau GmbH, Postfach 1443, D KirchheimTeck, Germany One of the reasons was probably the introduction of carbon fibre wings with the Janus C, which eased the handling in this class.

Only the very popular Duo Discus, a twoseater without flaps, was capable of replacing the Janus in its class.