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Route Summarization, how to calculate Route Summarization and the process that stays behind network route summarization. Route summarization (also called route aggregation or supernetting) can reduce the number of routes that a router must maintain, because it is a method of representing a series of network numbers in a single summary address.

Manual Route Summarization Calculator. IPv6 EIGRP route summarization is similar to IPv4. The summarization is performed on interfacebasis by command. After configuring the summarization command the router drops IPv6 EIGRP relationships to reestablish them again, this in CCIE Routing& Switching, CCIE Routing& Switching Written, CCNA Routing& Switching ICND1, CCNA Routing& Switching ICND2, CCNP ROUTE, IPv6, Subnetting Summarizing IPv6 prefixes is similar to IPv4 summarization, the big difference is that IPv6 uses 128 bit addresses compared to 32 bits for IPv4 and IPv6 The procedure presented in this article could be useful when dealing with largescale networks and configuring manual IPv4 prefix summarization.

You may avoid complicated binary conversions and simply use the calculator to find the resulting prefix. Sep 08, 2013 I have noticed some people know how to find the summary address How to manually summarize addresses with VLSM subnets. John Jul 31, 2013 8: 04 PM (in response to Elias Santos CCNA R& S How to manually summarize addresses with VLSM subnets. Elias Santos CCNA R& S Sep 8, EIGRP manual summarization One of the advantages of EIGRP over some other routing protocols (like OSPF) is that manual summarization can be done on any router within a network.

A single route can be used to represent multiple routes, which reduces the size of routing tables in a network. Manual summarization allows us to reduce the number of prefixes in the RIB by grouping subnets into a supernet at logical aggregation points. Commands No autosummary Your boss complains that manual route summarization is difficult and complex, and wonders if maybe you should not bother with it. What are the most compelling arguments in favor of route summarization? The process of manual summarization for VLSM subnets.

This text talks about how to work out summary routes manually for subnets that don't share the same prefix length. Aug 20, 2011 manual and auto route summarization It appears that all routing protocols except OSPF use autosummarization by default. What i got from reading the ICND2 Cisco book is that the only time you need to use" no autosummary" is for clasful routing protocols on discontiguous networks?

The CIDR Calculator enables CIDR network calculations using IP address, subnet mask, mask bits, maximum required IP addresses and maximum required subnets.

Results of the CIDR calculation provide the wildcard mask, for use with ACL (Access Control Lists), CIDR network address (CIDR route), network address in CIDR notation and the CIDR Summary route will exist in routing table as long as at least one more specific route will exist.

If the last specific route will disappear, summary route also will fade out. Take note that the metric used by EIGRP manual summary route is the minimum metric of the specific routes EIGRP Manual Summarization Passive EIGRP Interfaces EqualCost Load Balancing: Maximum Paths UnequalCost Load Balancing: Variance Enables manual summarization for EIGRP autonomous system 100 on this specific interface for the given address and mask.

An administrative distance of 75 is assigned to this summary route