Best manual focus nikkor lenses review

The intent of this guide is not be a review of the best of best nikkor lenses. There are several such guides on the internet. This guide is about the best value Nikkors, probably not the best, but with the results as good as the best and costly alternative.

Nikkor 13mm f5. 6. The Nikkor 13mm f5. 6 was one of Nikons best and rarest lenses ever made. Its extremely wide at 13mm, but produces no distortion which is a thing of beauty. When shooting a horizon, the Best manual focus nikkor lenses review line stays perfectly straight (provided your composition was level at the time of shooting). Jul 12, 2011  Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones.

Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. what are the GO TO Nikkor manual focus lenses? Jul 12, 2011 2 which manual focus Nikkor lenses are the specially good ones? What's the best camera for a parent? The best The kind of unassuming lens you might find neglected in a bargain bin, its the one of the very best manual focus zooms ever made by a generic lensmaker. Minimum focal distance is 1m, but between about 60mm to 80mm, it can focus as close as 0.

27m. Though greatly scaled back, production of many manualfocus Nikkor optics has continued in short runs since the advent of AF and AFS Nikkor lenses, and as a result, Nikon has been able to quickly reboot its manufacturing schedule of a series of classic manualfocus Nikkors including the Nikkor 20mm f2.

8 AIS, Nikkor 24mm f2. 8 AIS, Nikkor Very lightweight (compared to modern 35mm f1. 4 lenses) and extremely sharp. The focus ring is nicely geared, quick and easy to manually focus even with one finger. I use this lens on a Sony A7 (with an adapter). We spent 42 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. Ideal for everything from wideangle and closeup macro to longrange telephoto shots, these Nikon lenses will deliver outstanding image quality.

These manual focus lenses were all designed about 30 years ago even if they're still sold new today. Nikon develops newer, better zooms every month. The 17 35 AF is a better lens than the 20 mm f4 AI below, but it costs and weighs ten times as much. Nikon 50mm f1. 4 Nikkor AiS Manual Focus Lens G By ELWYN M.

I've had a 1. 8 50mm Nikkor and thought it was great, but this 1. 4 is certainly worth the extra money. Lens Top 10 Subjective list really from the best manual focus lenses, don't find Leica, Canon, Nikkor or other high price lenses here. Reason is simple no budget to buy all available lens and also no time to cover all areas.

5. 0 out of 5 stars Extremely sharp 50mm lens with f1. 4 Great build, smooth focus rings By Danny Yu on March 20, 2013 The Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) 50mm lens This manual focus lens outperforms its newer 85mm f1. 4 D autofocus sibling. In fact, its so good that even after the f1.

4 autofocus lens came out, for about the about the same price, Nikon kept making these for 10 more years! Lens Survey And Subjective Evaluations. Which gear to bring along on a field trip? Read my lens reviews to prepare yourself for getting the optimal lens selection for any occasion.

I know everything there is to know, so skip intro; and by the way, which Nikkor is the best of them all? Tip: If you want to buy manualfocus Nikkors, look