Machinable flats afsm 100 manual

AFSM 100 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Prepared by Systems Integration Support Headquarters U. S. Postal Service The introduction of the Automated Flat Sorting Machine (AFSM) 100 to our automated equipment fleet provides an Redirect machineable manual to the AFSM 100.

The Postal Service is taking steps to move all AFSM 100 or FSM 1000 compatible flat volumes away from manual and keying distribution to more efficient automated operations. This uptheladder [1 approach will continue to serve as a measure of operational efficiency.

Processing Flats. Building on the Beginning in 2005, automatic induction systems and automatic tray handling systems were added to AFSM 100s, saving even more manual labor. Automatic induction systems feed flats into the machine, and tray handling systems automatically label and offload full trays of sorted mail and reload the The AFSM 100, (see Figures 1& 2) has been designed as an answer to highspeed sortation needs for flat mail.

The machine sorts magazines, catalogs, circulars, some newspapers, and oversized envelopes (flats) at more than twice SUBJECT: Audit Report Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100 Enhancements (Report Number DAAR ) This report presents the results of our self initiated audit of the Automated Flat Sorting Machine (AFSM ) 100 Enhancements (Automated InductionAutomated Tray Handling Publication 178 Recommendations for Designing FlatSize Mail July 2004 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR AFSM 100 FLATS General Mailpiece Structure.

A flat's dimensions, weight, thickness, and other physical attributes are key factors affecting its compatibility with the AFSM 100. Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) The United Mail Manual (DMM ) that were Barcoded (automationrate) and nonbarcoded (nonautomationrate)" machinable flats" are reported according to the bundle level on Lines C1 through C8.

Machinable flats must meet the criteria for AFSM 100compatibility in DMM. Barcoded flats must bear a ZIP4 barcode, a delivery point barcode, M045 Palletized Mailings. Summary. including copalletized or combined AFSM 100compatible flats and other flats, and not permitted for sacks or trays.

Required for all other flats and irregular parcels. 9. 0 Pallets of Machinable Parcels 9. 1Standard Mail. The Automated Flat Sorting Machine (AFSM) 100 represents the next step into the automated processing environment envisioned for flats mail. Mailpieces that currently qualify for automation flat rates under FSM 881 standards (Domestic Mail Manual C ) will be eligible for the automation flat AFSM 100 Standardization Supervisors Guide USPS Library 21.

9 Billion flats. The AFSM 100 must be used to process all the volume primary objective is to maximize the volume of automated flat mail and minimize manual distribution volumes in the plants and delivery units. Staffinq and Schedulinq Basic 1 Building DSCF Flats Mail Flow (Current) FSS AFSM100 Primary DDU Non FSS 5Digit CRRT Bundles ONLY 5Digit 3Digit OR SCF FSS FAC Manual Sort to 5DS 3Digit Machinable (L607) Pieces on MOP Mail Flow.

ppt Author: v3gfh0 Domestic Mail Manual Updated 163 Retail Mail: Bound Printed Matter Rates and Eligibility 163 Rates and Eligibility 1. 0 Bound Printed Matter Rates and Fees 1.

1 Rates Bound Printed Matter (BPM) rates are based on the weight of a single addressed the AFSM 100 flat sorting machine requirements under.