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iii Programmable Logic Controllers S7300 Module Data A5E Preface Purpose of the manual The information contained in this manual 6ES BL000AA0 SM321, 32DI, DC24V SIMATIC S7300, Digital input SM 321, Isolated 32 DI, 24 V DC, 1x 40pole Product: Article Number (Market Facing Number) 6ES BL000AA0: Product Description: SIMATIC S7300, Digital input SM 321, Isolated 32 DI, 24 V DC, 1x 40pole Siemens Simatic S7300 6ES BH000AA0 SM321 Digital Input Module OPTICALLY ISOLATED, 16DI, 24 V DC, 20 PIN SIMATIC S7300, DIGITAL INPUT SM 321, OPTICALLY ISOLATED 32DI, 24 V DC, 1 X 40 PIN Supply voltage Load voltage L Rated value (DC) 24V permissible range, lower limit (DC) 20.

4V Product data sheet 6ES BL000AA0 Author: Siemens AG, Automation and Drives Subject: 6ES BL000AA0 SIMATIC S ET 200MP DI 16x24VDC HF Digital Input Module (6ES BH000AB0) Manual A5E AG Preface Documentation guide 6ES BL000AA0 New and Used available.

Tested and 2Year Warranty. Ask us about 6ES BL000AA0 Repairs. Worldwide Shipping available. 6ES BL000AA0 32 DI, 24 VDC, optically isolated 6ES7 3211BH020AA0 6ES7 3211BH500AA0 6ES7 3211BL000AA0 6ES7 3211BH100AA0 Voltages and currents Load voltage L Digital inputs up to 40 C, max. 32 Input voltage Type of input voltage DC Rated value (DC) 24 V for signal" 0" 30 to 5V for signal" 1" 13 to 30V 6ES BH020AA0 Order number: SIPLUS S7300 module 6AG BH022AA0 Characteristics The digital input module SM 321; DI 16 x 24 VDC has the following salient features: 16 inputs, isolated in groups of 16 24 VDC rated input voltage Reference Manual Created Date: 3.

16 Digital Output Module SM 322; DO 32 24 VDC 0. 5 A; (6ES7 3221BL000AA0) Order number 6ES7 3221BL000AA0 Characteristics The digital output module SM 322; DO 32 24 VDC0. 5 A has the following salient features: 32 outputs, isolated in groups of 8 Reference Manual Created Date: