Zen 10c1ar a manual

Programmable Relay ZEN V2 Units Even Broader Applications with Increased ZEN Operation Manual (Cat. No.

Z211) ZEN Communications Manual (Cat. No. Z212) 10 Yes 100 to 240 VAC 6 100 to 240 VAC 4 Relays Yes No ZEN10C1ARAV2 12 to 24 VDC 12 to 24 VDC Yes ZEN10C1DRDV2 The life under the worst conditions, of the output contacts used in ZEN relay outputs is given in the above table. Note: The switching capacity, switching durability, and applicable load area when actually using the relay depend on the ZEN OPERATION MANUAL Cat.

No. Z264E106A Note: Speci cations subject to change without notice. Authorized Distributor: Printed in Europe this manual carefully so that you can use the ZEN correctly. Keep the manual close at hand so that you can refer to it whenever necessary. Cat. No. Z211E103 Cat. No. Z264E106A ZEN Programmable Relay Smart Sensor ZFXC OPERATION MANUAL ZEN Kit Set containing CPU Unit (ZEN10C1ARAV2), Connecting Cable, ZEN Support Software, and manual.

ZENKIT01EV4 Set containing CPU Unit (ZEN10C1DRDV2), Connecting Cable, ZEN Support Software, and manual. View and Download OMRON ZEN operation manual online. ZEN pdf manual download. omron electronics, s. a. page 1 zen quick guide this manual contains: 1 features 2 functionality 3 handling the equipment 4 connections 5 io addressing 6 creating a program 7 programming functions 8 troubleshooting 9 accessories ZEN Programmable Relays Operation Manual The ZEN specifications, functions, and operating methods.

V1 or PreV1 CPU Units Z183 V2 CPU Units Z211 ZEN Programmable Relays Communications Manual The ZEN10C4 ZEN Support Software Operation Manual Support Software Z184. Note. operation. Also you can get the Zen kit set containing CPU Unit (ZEN10C1ARAV2), Connecting Cable, ZEN Support Software, and manual ZENKIT01EV4 ( AC ) (Newark PN# 59T0151) Please refer the below link for the Programming stpes, ordering info etc. The Omron ZEN programmable relays offer an LCD screen that comes with 8 operation buttons on the front panel to enable programming in ladder view format.

The LCD screen also has a back light, making it easier to see when the ZEN is used in dark locations. ZEN Programmable Relay Operation Manual Revised May 2007 This operation manual is for version2 (V2) ZEN Programmable Relays only. For version1 or pre It is recommended to select Save from the rightclick due to large size of manual PDF data. The manual which name begins with" Instruction Sheet" is a simplified manual supplied with the product.