Shallow water anchors manuals

About Shallow Water Anchors. If you are a flats fisherman or other type of angler who fishes skinny water and are currently using a conventional anchor, consider a shallow water anchor. Download manuals and support materials for your Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchors. Manufacturer of the Power Pole, a shallow water anchoring system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flats boats and bay boats.

ManuallyDeployed Shallow Water Anchors. Manual models cost the least and are the easiest to install. They consist of a pole that is passed through a mount and then pressed into the bottom. Along with a choice of 8 10' and 12' poles, The Bottom Buster Shallow Water Anchor System is the most innovative, unique, and userfriendly system out there. Scroll down and read about what makes the Bottom Buster unlike any other manual shallow water anchor on the market!

pole anchor system is the most innovative and economical shallow water anchor on the market. Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a more complicated anchor system with lengthy installs. Talon is a threestage, vertical deploying shallow water anchor, built to help you control more water and catch more fish. Up to 15' deep, wth multiple anchoring modes, and control from the bow, transom, console, remote or mobile app, it's the most versatile shallow water anchor on the water.

Talons autoDrive deploy shuts the anchor off when the spike contacts the bottom. autoDrive will automatically power the spike into the bottom with three successive hits, using increasing force on each hit. Page 8: Depth Indication. Depth Indication Talon shows your deployed status of the anchor via the leD display on your control panel.

The only shallow water anchor you can control from anywhere on the boat. And the only one with UserSelectable Anchoring Modes that let you anchor in anything.

When it comes to dominating shallow water, Talon is the only name you need to know. The leading manual shallow water anchor on the water. Your shallow water solution source, anchor your boat with ease. Stay Still, Stay Quite, Stayput. Welcome to King Pin Anchors King Pin offers a convenient anchoring system for a quick way to hold your boat in position in shallow water without heavy anchors and wet, cumbersome ropes. King Pin is ideal for precision bait presentations, especially in windy or highcurrent conditions.