Jaguar xj6 manual transmission conversion kits

This Old Jag: 1983 XJ6 5 Speed Conversion June 2010 Recently, events have come together in such a way that I was able to acquire a Getrag 5speed gearbox and the necessary adapter plate to adapt it to an Etype bell housing and install it in my aging but still excellent Series III XJ6.

T5 Manual Conversion In the latest Jaguar Journal, on page 28, there is an article about a T5 manual conversion kit developed by Predator Performance. There is a choice of 5th gear ratios available. The Jaguar T400 from later V12 engines and the German ZF transmission on 1988on XJ6's (XJ40) will not bolt Jaguar xj6 manual transmission conversion kits a pre88 Jaguar 6cylinder nor to early V12s equipped with a BorgWarner.

There's never been a GM trans behind a Jaguar 6 Transmission Conversion Kit Adapter plates allow the fitment of standard shift transmission in cars that normally come with automatic transmissions. In the process of changing a car from automatic to standard shift, several items become important. Does not cover 2. 9 litre (2919 cc) sohc engine or manual transmission Jaguar XJ6 Service and Repair Manual Mike Stubblefield brakes are standard equipment on all Jaguar XJ6 models covered in this manual.

Power rackandpinion steering is also standard equipment. Details about Jaguar Chevy V8 Conversion Basic Kit XJ6 XJ6C XJS XJSC This listing is for our basic Jaguar V8 Conversion Kit and Conversion Manual for: XJ6, XJ6C, XJ12, T400 or T2004R transmission; This basic kit will get the engine and transmission in the car and mounted, and start you off on the conversion SunCoast Conversions has been manufacturing and selling V8 Conversion Kits for the 1969 thru 1987 XJ Series Jaguar Sedans, both 6 and 12 cylinder, and the 1976 thru 1996 XJS Coupes and Convertibles, since the mid 1980s.

Jaguar Specialties designs, manufactures, and sells Chevy V8 conversion kits and conversion parts for Jaguar XJ6, XJS, XJ8, XJR, XK8, and XKR models. We also carry a full line of repair, maintenance, and restoration parts for all Jaguar cars XK8 LS1 6 Speed ( Manual Transmission ) Project Update, January, 2014.

Overview Jaguar V8 Conversion Kits and Parts: XJ6 XJ12 XJ6C XJ12C Vanden Plas XJS XJSC XJ8 XJ8L XK8 XKR. Our basic philosophy on JaguarV8 engine conversions is very simple: use as many standard, offtheshelf components as you can, and a minimum number of special parts. Terry's Performance Catalog EType FType SType XType XK8 XJ6 XJ8 XJ12 XJS XJR XF. Performance Jaguar Accessories Transmission& Clutch 5 Speed Conversion Kits.

5 Speed Conversion Kits. 6 Cylinder EType 5 Speed Conversion. 5, 975. 00 5, 222. 15. Mark II 5 Speed Conversion Kit. Wondering if anyone has tried any with the XJ6. My '71 uses a good BW Model 12 auto, but going through the file on the car reminded me that I'd investigated a fivespeed manual conversion and also tried to chase down a fourspeed Jaguar manual.