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Feb 05, 2012  NSW and I think ACT your auto restriction is lifted by time, so after that time you can go learn by yourself for all intents and purposes. So in QLD, if you are a full licence now and had sat your test in auto in the past, you have to resit the test for manual and be back on Ps again? and as such there are quite a number of states Oct 09, 2012  auto licence to manual QLDNSW Discussion in 'The Pub ' started by wissa, i can drive a manual fine but when i was 17 i went for my auto licence w the intent to resit the manual one later.

i don't want to take time off work to get a lesson to freshen up on the" hands @ 2 o'clock& 10 o'clock" etc. etc. then book a test and Upgrading a licence. If you have a Queensland provisional or open licence, you can learn to drive the next highest vehicle class. If your provisional or open licence only authorises you to drive a class of motor vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, you are also authorised to learn to drive or ride the same or higher class of motor vehicle fitted with a manual Unrestricted Drivers Licence Drive Both Manual and Automatic?

[NSW Learning will be okay just take it slow. It will take a little time to get a feel for the clutch.

1 vote. there are different licences for automatic and manual. A manual licence allows you to operate manual and automatic, while automatic only qualifies you to drive Sorry folks but the fine for driving a manual with an auto licence in Qld is 75 and 1 point.

" Fail to comply with condition of licence" The auto only is a condition of the licence. Many years ago it used be straight unlicenced but the law changed in 2000 with the Transport Operations (Road Use Managment Act Drivers Changing From Automatic To Manual Licence Qld without doing a driving test?

been driving for some time or changing from an automatic to a manual licence, Accreditation according to Queensland Transport reciprocal arrangements. This does not mean that your licence will be cancelled. In Queensland Consider changing transmissions A student is eligible for a Student Bus Pass up to and including the school year in which they turn 18 and attends fulltime classes.

NonRecognised overseas licence. If an automatic only condition is recorded, it will transfer to the Tasmanian driver licence. If the applicant successfully undertakes a driving test in a manual motor