Norton 9300 series door closer manual

The Norton Door Closer 9300 is a lighter weight version of the 1600. This door closer is a Grade 3 closer, and is designed for light commercial use. This door closer has a About Norton Door Controls Today's modern Norton door control began with Lewis C. Norton, the inventor of the first American door closer. In 1880, he organized the Norton Door Check Company to manufacture and market his product: the first practical, commercial door closer.

Norton Door Closer, Norton Door Closers, Norton 1601 Door Closer, Norton 7500 Door Closer, Norton 8301 Door Closer, Norton 8501 Door Closer, Norton 160 Door Closer, Norton 210 Door Closer, Norton 9500 Door Closer, and More by Door Closers USA Norton 9300 Series; Norton 9500 Series; Norton Door Closer Replacement Parts; Storefront Manual Norton Door Controls. Norton is the leading manufacturer of commercial door closers since 1880.

Our products are used in schools, hospitals and businesses around the globe. What's New. Norton Introdues the 1600 Series Door Closer Cushion Stop Arm. 6300 Series Low Energy Operator Training now available on ASSA ABLOY University. Norton 9300 Series Door Closer Manual CLICK HERE Call now if you need a door closer installation or repair: 5700 Series Norton Door Closers 1600BC1601, 8000, 9300BC Norton Series.

door openers, norton. Norton 9300BC Series Door Closers to the trim on drapes, furniture, or lampshades, and you've updated your accents and artwork to install the new design. Norton 9300 Series Door Closers Order the Norton 9300 Series Door Closers The Norton 9300 Series is a light commercial door closer designed for exterior and interior doors such as condominiums, apartments, motels, or hotels.

Norton Door Closer 9300 In Stock For Immediate Delivery, Order Today Online And Install Tomorrow! The following door closer brands listed below are identical replacements for the Norton 9300. The entire door closer as well as individual parts and components such as door arms and brackets are completely interchangeable with the Norton 9300. Installation Instructions NOTE: For special applications a separate door and frame preparation template is packed with these instructions.

The closing force for series 8301& 8501 door closers is adjustable from a size 1 to a size 6, as outlined in ANSI Standard A156. 4. Norton 8300 Series hydraulic door closer has a mediumsize body and springs for effective door control. Slimline design requires less mounting space than other closers. Rack and pinion closer has a lightweight aluminum alloy body. carries an extensive inventory of Norton door closers including the 1600 Series, 7500 Series, Series and the 9300 Series.

Replacement arms as well as all of the accessories needed for a complete installation are in stock and available for immediate shipment. 9300BC SERIES LIGHT COMMERCIAL DOOR CLOSER All series 9300BC closers comply with ANSIBHMA A156. 4 Grade 3 Specifications. All Norton series 9300BC closers with nonhold open arms are listed by Underwriters Laboratories for labeled fire doors. This includes compliance to UL10C for 3hour assemblies.