Top drive varco tds 4 manual

Here is the full data for TDS4S Top Drive 650 tons: Technical Information: TDS4S SYSTEM PACKAGE. Product Package Consist of: 1. 1 TDS4S Drilling Unit (Shunt, NonSwing, NonRetract) Varco TDS 8SA 750 Tons Capacity Offshore Drilling Rigs Top Drive System Complete Package Including VFD House, Pipe Handler, For Sale: ( 3) NorDrill 500 AC Electric Top Drive For Sale: Maritime Hydraulic Top Drive& Spare Parts. 1 is a schematic of the general arrangement of Varco's fully integrated top drive hightorque motor ( TDS 3 Rotate the Top Drive at approximately 50 rpm for 1 minute without mud pumps 8.

releasing the brake. Install the wash pipe nut onto the wash pipe 7. Install the packing seal and holding ring over the slotted end of the wash pipe 9. Set the Top Drive brake 4. Varco produces several Top Drive Drilling Systems (TDS) to rotate the drill string and allow adding entire 93 ft. stands of pipe, eliminating two thirds of Canrig Top Drive, 1165E 650 Ton For Sale NOV Varco AR3200, ST100 (ST100)& ST80 (ST80) Roughneck For Sale Varco Wireline Adapter and Master Bushing Wear Guide NEW (3) Varco TDS11SA Top Drive 3 New TDS11SA, 500 Ton Top drives with new ABB VFD houses in their original NOV packing containers for sale.

Originally purchased in 2012 for a large multiple rig contract that was cancelled innovative TDS11SA Top Drive Drilling System. Varco engineering has made use of the recent advancements in AC technology by designing the TDS11SA to be powered by two AC drilling motors (either 400 or 350 hp each, depending on the configuration). These 800hp and 700hp systems produce 32, 500 and 37, 500 ft lb of drilling torque respectively. The TDS4 has built its reputation on handling the heavy drilling environments needed offshore.

This 750 ton top drive has been in service and operation since 1988 and over 350 units have been in service since that time. Varco TDS4H Top Drive: Technical Specifications1130 horsepower motor 650 ton hoisting capacity ph 85 pipe handler 190 full rpm power 32, 500 lbs continuous torque Installation 24 PreInstallation Checklist Rig Preparation General Winches will be used for installing the TDS when drawworks and the traveling block are not installed, functional or available.

Rollers have been installed onto the traveling block. Derrick area is clear of obstructions, such as tugger lines and scaffolding. Top Drive OFF Gear Oil Filter See lubrication section of the TDS11SA service manual for lubrication of electric motors 1 1 2 TDS11SA Lubrication and Maintenance Guidelines Varco PN See Service Manual for More Detail Grease Lubrication Schedule 2 3 3 DESCRIPTION FREQUENCY TYPE The training Manual for TDS 11SA the 800 hp AC driven top drive from Varco.

This rare art work was first introduced to market at 1997 and still outstanding design till today. as we know the first top drive in history was TDS 3 introduced to market at 1983 ans was a single speed gearbox top drive.