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Available stock for the Kodak Cine Kodak 8 All our manuals are printed to the highest quality and bound as a convenient sized book. Repair Manual Kodak Cine 8 Model 20: 25: 60 (2x8) A Repair Manual is what was used by the service engineers at the camera manufacturers. They can include text, parts lists and exploded views. Feb 03, 2012 CineKodak Eight Model 20 Buy it @ Open view of the earliest version of the Cine Kodak Model B The CineKodak was the first 16mm camera, introduced in 1923.

It was a leather covered rectangular cast aluminum box approximately 8. 5" by 5" by 3"and was cranked by hand at two turns per second to Kodak Eastman The Eastman Dry Plate Company, the predecessor of Eastman Kodak, was established in 1880 by George Eastman and Henry Strong in Rochester, CineKodak Eight Model 20: : CineKodak Eight Model 90: 1940: CineKodak K100 Turret: c1950s: CineKodak Royal Magazine: Camera Manual Link CB Member Comments Find great deals on eBay for cine kodak eight.

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Kodak Cine Kk 8 Model 20 (2x8) Stock type: Printed Instruction Manual (Reprint) Year: 1933: Other items available for the Kodak Cine Kodak 8 Kodak Camera User Manuals for all camera models. Get a Printed and bound manual shipped to your door with quick shipping. Instant download of your user guide. This machine was produced in the period, and it is equipped with a lens Kodak Anastigmat 1: 3, 5 da 20 mm.

The camera weights kg. 1, 500 and its measures are the following: 55x117x220. The viewfinder is separated from the handle. The housing is in metal, covered with black leather. Magazine CineKodak 8 Model 90. The user of the CinKodak Eight, Model 20 or 25, can make good pictures at the very outset if he will read and follow the instructions in this manual.

The percentage of properly exposed film that you can make will be in direct proportion to and lift off the cover. PART I Catch 3 Takeup Spindle 4 Cine kodak eight model 20 and 25 instruction booklet CoolVintageShop. 5 out of 5 stars Vintage Kodak CineKodak Model K Works with Manual 5 out of 5 stars Movie Camera Vintage Kodak CineKodak Eight Model 25 with Kodak Anastigmat F2. 7 13mm Lens CottageWelcome. This is the CineKodak 16's little brother, even though he's not really that much smaller.

This one is simpler, thoughhe's got interchangable lenses; this one is fixed. Mine is the Model 20, which has an 3. 5 lens. The Model 25 is identical but has an 2.

7 lens. I don't remember how or where I got this. Movie cameras in the collection: Kodak Cine Model B Find great deals on eBay for cine kodak eight model 20.

Shop with confidence. Original and professionally produced copies of camera manuals for every camera ever made. We are the world's leading supplier of camera guides. 20) (Cine Kodak Eight 25) (Cine Kodak Eight 55) (Cine Kodak Eight 60) (Cine Kodak Model B) (Cine Kodak Model BB) (Cine Kodak Model BB Junior) (Cine Kodak Model E)