Rca wo 33a manually

Thanx for the connector information. If anyone has a copy (or can make up one) of the manual for this scope, I'll be happy to purchase same. I believe that it's essentially a wideband type, nominally 5MHz, meant for color TV servicing. Description. For sale is reprint of RCA Senior Voltohmyst WV98B manual.

Manual is 30 pages long, dated. Manual includes many illustrations, laminated circuit board diagram and 1117 foldout of Schematic Diagram. RCA WC528B QuicktracerDiode Transistor Tester. Accessory for WO33A Oscilloscope. Accessory for WO33A Oscilloscope. Can be used with any oscilloscope with horizontal and vertical inputs with sufficient amplifier gain.

RCA WO33A Oscilloscope The picture above is of a late 1950'searly 1960's 3inch oscilloscope, RCA Model WO33A, intended to be used to troubleshoot and signal trace all sections of both analog blackandwhite and colorTV receivers. Description The RCA WO33A is a 3inch oscilloscope de signed for" onlocation" and serviceshop use in servicing color and blackandwhite television re dialer, did you try the" mirror site for bama?

When you go on bama the opening page has a spot that you can click to go to it. I have used it once or twice and been able to download something that I couldn't on bama. The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Mirror: rcawo33a This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this archive. Find great deals on eBay for rca wo 33a. Shop with confidence.

Find great deals on eBay for rca oscilloscope wo 33a. Shop with confidence. For sale is reprint of RCA Senior VoltOhmyst WV98A manual. manual is 30 Pages long and includes 1117 foldout of circuit digram. Manual is dated 1955. Manual consists of sections on measurement ACDC voltage, Resistance. Rca wo505a Is Similar To: Copy Maint Rca Hard Manual Oscilloscope Prnt Instruction Wo33a Operating (42. 4 similar) Review mpn: wo33a for sale Copy Rca Operating Wo33a Prnt Instruction Manual Oscilloscope Maint Hard.

All listed radios etc. from RCA (RCA Victor Co. Inc. ); New York (NY) Here you find 4684 models, 2786 with images and 3817 with schematics for wireless sets etc. Mar 27, 2015 Here's a closer look at a minty vintage scope I picked up recently. Oct 22, 2012 that leads up to today. as the title says, the older one is an rca wo33a. looking on the web, i see a lot of complaints about the old machines, afa caps leaking down, bad resistors, ect and the general widespread dislike of anything with a tube.

RCA Type 580C MI B1 Regulated Power Supply Unit Instruction Manual