Longest manual on a skateboard

World S Longest Manual On A Skateboard World's Longest Skateboard Manual. from Tom Krawczyk 11 months ago Not Yet Rated. I. Real Hoverboard Brass Mini Ramp Skateboarding? ? ? You just watched Swiss skateboarder Simon Stricker break the world record for longest manual on a street skateboard. Or at least I think you didits difficult to determine how many unofficial attempts there have been. Back in 2014, we searched the web for the longest skateboard manual There was a kid on youtube who did a 890 meter manual (real) on a skateboard.

Which is about 919. 9 feet. The longest time for a manual though is 3 minutes and 25 seconds. THE LONGEST MANUAL EVER IN THE BRAILLEHOUSE. By Braille Skateboarding. Aaron and Gabe set up the longest manual possible and Aaron went for it FIRST TRY!

Braille Skateboarding was started to help everyone learn how to skateboard. With our free tutorials and our full skateboarding lesson plan, Skateboarding Made Simple, you can be a The longest manual (wheelie) on a skateboard is 224. 33 m (735. 99 ft) and was achieved by Sean Glatts (USA) in Solana Beach, California, USA, on 26 August 2017. James Soloday will attempt the longest one wheel manual on a skateboard tomorrow at the Blue Sky Mile Push Race. Oct 18, 2005 whats the record for the worlds longest manual i got 32 seconds tonight and i want to know what it is but i doubt i beat it May 13, 2017 CHECK OUT THE BEHIND THE SCENES PLAYLIST!

CL This is just incredible, there is no other way of describing this guys balance on a skateboard. After searching the web for the longest skateboard manual we could find, we came across this video from youtube user GlennRune Hansen.

Simon Stricker recently took to Passo Bernina in Italy to set a world record for the longest manual ever completed without eating the pavement. After traveling over 1. 3 miles going 19. 5 mph on average, the record was his Swiss skateboarder Simon Stricker was recently on Passo Bernina, a road in Switzerland where he set a world record for the longest manual ever completed in a skateboard.

A manual is similar to a wheelie performed on a bicycle, and its a trick that involves balancing on only the two back wheels of The longest stationary skateboard manual is 2 hr 55 min 22 sec, and was achieved by Brandon Gonzlez (USA) in Costa Mesa, California, USA, on 17 February 2017.