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Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf IncuCyte ZOOM Whole Well Imaging Overview With the release of the 2013B software, IncuCyte ZOOM users will have the added ability to image the complete surface of select multiwell plates and 35 mm dishes IncuCyte ZOOM 96Well Scratch Wound Cell Migration& Invasion Assays User Manual Welcome to your WoundMaker 2 Creating wounds: Six simple steps 3 WoundMaker Wash Protocols& Storage 4 Protocol Overviews 5 96Well Scratch Wound Cell MigrationInvasion Assays: Schematic Diagram 6 96Well Scratch Wound Incucyte ZOOM Considerations before setting up experiment Most vessels can be used; multiwell plates, dishes or flasks.

Incucyte is set to a 2hour scan pattern for everybody, you cannot change this. IncucyteZOOM software can be downloaded from Garvan software server. The user manual is also in this folder Software is only IncuCyte ZOOM Technical details IncuCyte ZOOM (Essen BioScience) in incubator live cell imaging system for optimum environmental stability and reproducible imaging over extended timecourses.

3 Installing the IncuCyte ZOOM software The Incucyte ZOOM is unfortunately only compatible with windows (will work on mac if you have the windows interphase). Incucyte ZOOM User Guide. NB: Click here to download a PDF version. Considerations before setting up experimentMost vessels can be used; multiwell plates, dishes or flasks.

Adapters can be found in cupboard The IncuCyte ZOOM is user configurable through the installation of objectives (4X, 10X, 20X), filter modules, and software modules. The use of