Movidrive fieldbus unit profile manual transmission

6 Manual MOVIDRIVE MDX60B61B Communication and Fieldbus Unit Profile 1 How to use the documentation General Information 1 General Information Handbuch 1. 1 How to use the documentation The documentation is an integral part of the product and contain important information In addition to this DFC11A CAN Bus Fieldbus Interface Manual we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Fieldbus Unit Profile Manual (Part no. 0919 1607), which will provide you with the necessary information for simple and efficient connection of the MOVIDRIVE to the CAN bus system.

The" MOVIDRIVE Fieldbus Unit Profile" manual contains a list of all parameters of the inverter that can be read or written via the various communication interfaces, such as system bus, RS485 and also via the fieldbus interface.

3. 3 Properties With the DFE33B option and its powerful universal fieldbus interface, MOVIDRIVE MDX61B inverters and The Fieldbus Unit Profile Manual contains a list of all the drive inverter parameters that can be read or written via the various communications interfaces such as RS232, RS485 and via the fieldbus Drive Technology \ Drive Automation \ System Integration \ Services MOVIDRIVE MDX61B Fieldbus Interface DFS22B PROFINET IO with PROFIsafe Edition 04 EN Manual Fieldbus interface DFI21A INTERBUS with fiber optic cable Manual 3 The manual accompanying the MOVIDRIVE fieldbus unit profile features a description of fieldbus parameters and related coding.

It also features an explanation of the various quality monitoring of the optical transmission SEW Unit Profile Other unit functions via fieldbus option card SEW Unit Profile MOVIDRIVE offers digital access to all drive parameters and functions via the commu nication interfaces.

The drive inverter is controlled via the fast, cyclical process data. MDX61B bus installation CANopen (DFC11B) For more detailed information, refer to the" MOVIDRIVE MDX60B61B Communication and Fieldbus Device Profile" manual. You can order this manual from SEW EURODRIVE.