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Flexo Wash technology helps our customers print better. Our products will extend the life of your anilox rolls and sleeves, gravure cylinders, flexo plates, flexo plate sleeves, press parts, and rotary screens, while decreasing the The Basics of Flexible Packaging Printing Flexography Rotogravure Presented by: Warren E. Durling Acid Etching (DiffusionEtching and DirectTransfer) Manual print station change over Limited if any electronic process control Lower efficiency ovens.

All Flexo Wash machines have a 100 automatic washing process eliminating any manual labor. Flexo Wash is the market leader in cleaning technology for the flexographic, gravure, and offset package printing industries.

Flexo Wash was founded in 1991 by an inventive Danish label printer who faced the increased requirements for improved print quality as well as a safe and efficient production. Through continuous development Flexo Wash now offers a large variety of cleaning equipment for all sectors of the industry.

SmartFlex FlexoWash PLUS represents the state of the art technology inwaterbased flexographic ink cleaning. Its low odor and effective formula rapidly cleanconventional and most UV s flexographic ink from plates, machinery and floors without harsh solvents. The product will not swell photopolymer printing plates and can be applied by Flexo Wash is the market leader in Cleaning Technology for the Flexographic, Gravure, and Offset Package Printing Industries.

Photopolymer Plate Care. AMTECH's Eight Elements of Effective Preventative Maintenance. 209 Flexo Wash are our recommendations. Follow the dilution instructions for" Light Cleaning" applications.

The cleaner can be sprayed wiped on manually or automatically. they can stick to the plate surface and affect ink transfer operation& maintenance manual, plus spare parts catalogue for printing plate washing machine model flexo matic model serial number environmentally and operationally safe handling of Cyrel plates, washout solutions, and the production procedure. Processing Manual for Cyrel. 3 Cyrel Flexo Printing Plates. 4 Composition of Cyrel NARROW WEB PRODUCTS Anilox Roll Cleaning.

Our fully automatic Flexo Wash anilox roll cleaners are designed to deep clean your anilox rolls and are a great tool for the daily washing and maintenance of rolls.

Flexo Wash, LLC is the leading provider of Flexo Wash cleaning technology in North America for the flexographic and gravure package printing industries, providing special equipment and cleaning solutions to deep clean anilox rolls, doctor blades, printing parts and plates in an environmentally safe process. THE AUTOMATIC FLEXO PLATE WASHING SYSTEM For Corrugated Flexo Presses PATENT PENDING Via De Gasperi, 2 Olgiate Molgora LC Italy Web www. elettra. lc. it. MANUAL WASHING Vs AUTOMATIC WASHING WITH FASTWASH Elettra Wash Flexo printing plateENG10a