Ais pocket wifi manuals

ais super wifi 7 1. 7. 1. 06. 1. AIS MF920W 4G POCKET WIFI () Browser ChromeIEFirefox. 1 Enter Stay connected anywhere with AIS Pocket WiFi Rental. Enjoy unlimited 4G on the fastest network with the widest coverage in Thailand. Just 250 Baht a day! AIS Pocket WiFi ( WiFi ) AIS Online Store Aug 26, 2014 AIS Pocket Wifi Application Instructions for more info Using the Vodafone Pocket WiFi Monitor app on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smartphones and and tips tablets Download the Vodafone Pocket WiFi Monitor app from the App Store in iTunes or the Android WiFi Total volume Approximate cumulative data usage status and Connected Up Down Approximate connection speed: Up to the network devices (devices from your computer, and Down from the network.

currently connected to the Vodafone Pocket WiFi If one of Pocket WiFi set is damaged or lost, the Company reserves the right to refuse the return of whole Pocket WiFi set and keep the deposit fee.

Go to AIS Shop 19 branches The Pocket WiFi set can be returned to the AIS Shop as the table above. Feb 27, 2018  Exclusive for AISs customers With AIS Pocket WiFi App, you can manage your AIS Pocket WiFi easily anytime, anywhere. You can also check your data usage, topup balance, buy data package or enjoy any AIS Services.

AIS WiFi Pocket WiFi ( MiFi) HONGKONG boost 3G 4G 150Mbps AIS POCKET WIFI 21. 6 Mbps AIS internet Notebook Iphone wifi hotspot AIS Pocket WiFi 4G Pocket WiFi HONGKONG BOOST M028A 3G MHz HSPA 21 Mbps 5. 76 Mbps 4G LTE FDD