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During the experiment. HR2000) is used to record the SPR absorption curves for different samples. a linear polarizer is used to extract the ppolarized component of the incident beam for surface plasmon excitation.

spectral SPR imaging was applied to studying EHL dimples produced from polybutenes lubricant (PB2400). (Ocean Optics. The Reprint IEEE Plasma Needle 2006 Download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. AbstractThe ability to distinguish between crops and weeds using sensors from a distance will greatly benefit the farming community through improved and efficient scouting for weeds, reduced herbicide input costs and improved profitability. In the present study, we examined the utility of femtosecond laserinduced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for plant species differentiation.

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99 Optical Mirror From Infrared Spectrometer Laser Optics Bina421 New Tribological Ways, Edited by Taher Ghrib p. cm. ISBN In the SPR imaging arm. HR2000) is used to record the SPR absorption curves for different samples. From the SPR image. 3. the outermost ring is believed to be the contacting region between the steel ball and the glass surface.

Silver film (50nm) is deposited on the Ocean Optics HR2000 High Resolution Visible Spectrometer. One such instrument is the Ocean Optics S2000. The actual resolution depends on the diffraction grating and slit chosen, but most peaks are at least several pixels wide. allowing some pretty sophisticated manipulations and analysis.