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To decode all four observations (pitch, roll, heave and heading), add both these system types to the QINSy database and make sure to select the same gyro driver as the MRU driver (regarding the heave convention) and the same IO parameters for both systems. Rental and hire solutions for the IxBlue Octans 3000 MkIV. IXSEA OCTANS 3000M FIBRE OPTIC GYRO& MOTION SENSOR GENERAL DESCRIPTION The technological heart of OCTANS is the FibreOptic Gyroscope (FOG), the only trulysolidstate answer to rotation sensing.

Over 15 years, IXSEA has brought this technology to the highest industry standards through a OCTANS III User Guide MUOCTIII003 Ed. F Part 2: OCTANS III SURFACE USER GUIDE Page II840 March 2007 This document is iXSea property and cannot be reproduced nor transmitted without prior written approval Part 2: OCTANS III SURFACE USER GUIDE Page II5 July 2004 This document is iXSea property and cannot be reproduced nor transmitted without prior written approval II.

1 OCTANS TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OCTANS is both a fibreoptic surveygrade IMOcertified gyrocompass and a Motion Reference Unit for marine applications. Enquire about the IXSEA OCTANS MKV Surface Gyro online today at Unique Group, wide range of Surface Gyrocompass and Heading Sensors available now IXSEA logo handling Firmware upgrades, system restaring, factory settings reset, support contact.

Menu Bar A click on the IXSEA logo opens the detailed iXBlue Octans III 3000 FOG Gyrocompass Available for rental, hire and exrental purchase from Ashtead Technology. Rugged and shock resistant, the Octans III 3000 FibreOptic Gyrocompass from iXSea is the only IMO survey grade Gyrocompass with an integrated motion sensor.

The information contained in this manual supersedes all previously published information. IXSEA reserves the right to change prices and technical specifications without notice. Octans is a trademark registered by IXSEA S. Ixsea octans gyro manuals. S. Printed in France by IXSEA S. A. S.55, Avenue Auguste Renoir, F MarlyleRoi.

form or by any means, whether electronic, printed manual or otherwise, including but not limited to photocopying, recording or information storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose without prior written permission of iXBlue. Ixsea Rovins Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ixsea Rovins Quick Start Manual iXBlue Octans TAH (PHOCT) Ixsea octans gyro manuals 03 Pitch Roll Heave Sensor Page: Network iXBlue Octans TAH (PHOCT) (Heave as ROV Depth) (UTC) 31 Underwater Sensor IXSEA 3000 Meter Subsea Gyro (FOG) Model Number 3000 Ti, Serial No: Specification Insert the OCTANS software CDROM, Click on Repeater Software.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT. Title: Ixsea Gyro (FOG) Specification& Quick Reference Guide (0209). pmd Author: Octans Highperformance surface gyrocompass and motion sensor OCTANS, with Ethernet output, is an IMO certified survey grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor.

It is based on iXBlues FOG technology, which outputs true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn. The fifth generation Octans is an allinone gyrocompass and motion sensor for diverse challenging applications. Now IMO HSC, the new Octans raises the industry standard in measurement accuracy for roll, pitch, heave, and heading.