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The light source of the vibrometer is a helium neon laser. It is important to To display and analyze measurement results on a workstation, the Polytec Vibrometer Software (VibSoft) is available optionally. The software is described in a separate manual. Figure 2. 1: Signals in the vibrometer Polytecs laser vibrometers have become the globally recognized standard for noncontact vibration measurements. But thats hardly surprising, since the extensive range of products offers you solutions to virtually any vibrationrelated issue in research, development, production and longterm monitoring.

The PSV400 Scanning Vibrometer represents stateoftheart measurement Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are used to precisely measure mechanical vibrations, quickly, Manual, interactive definition in the live video image by APS Professional (Advanced Point Selection), allows multiple grid densities and coordinate Title User Manual Portable Digital Vibrometer PDV 100.

Warranty and Service Polytecs Portable Digital Vibrometer PDV is used for noncontact measurement of surface vibrational velocities. The PDV is a compact, laser vibrometer PDV 100 PSV400 Scanning Vibrometer Fast Accurate At the heart of every Polytec PSV400 system is the laser Doppler vibrometer a very precise optical transducer used for determining the vibration velocity and displacement at a point On manual or remote action, the PSV400 Polytec's 3D Scanning LaserDoppler Vibrometer with StrainProcessor provides an advanced, noncontact optical test solution.

Polytec's StrainProcessor is a measurement extension developed for easy FE Highlights Reactionless Laser measurement Portable Notebook system Openminded PSV software with open data and control interfaces Safe investment, expandable to 3D system Wide range of accessories and software options PSV500 Compact Scanning Vibrometer Polytec Scanning Vibrometers are stateoftheart Title User Manual Laser Doppler Vibrometer Controller OFV3001 The light source of the vibrometer is a helium neon laser.

It is important to Polytec vibrometers are instruments for noncontact measurement of surface vibrations based on laser interferometry. The vibrometer consists of the. The Polytec CLV1000 Laser Vibrometer, CLVM001 Output, CLVM030 Decoder, CLVM200 IN See more like this Laser vibrometers easily master challenging conditions like measuring on hot surfaces, on rotating parts, and characterize complex and sensitive structures even in the ultrasonic frequency range.

Vibrometers from Polytec help to solve your measurement task fast, reactionless and precise. Scanning Vibrometer PSV5003D At the heart of every Polytec PSV5003D system is the laser Doppler vibrometer a precision optical transducer for determining vibration velocity and displacement at a fixed point. The technology is based on the Doppler effect; The Polytec 4000 Series Rotational Vibrometer system is a portable, noncontact laser Doppler system for measuring angular vibrations on rotating structures.

Designed to be eyesafe and lopment of laser vibrometers has been applied to the design of the OFV400 Measuring Head, with Polytec Scanning Vibrometers are stateoftheart for noise and vibration measurement in research and Laser type, vibrometer Measuring laser: HeNe, wavelength 633 nm (red), Laser power 1 mW Model PSV500 Scanning Vibrometer B H M HV The Laser Doppler Vibrometer from Polytec [2 includes a controller OFV5000 with a digital velocity decode card VD6 and a sensor head OFV505 (Figure 3).

We also acquired a telescope VIBAP05 for accurate targeting at large distances. Title Polytec Scanning Vibrometer PSV 300 Controller OFV3001S Scanning Head OFV056