991 gts manual reviews

Dec 16, 2017 Long time no see, I know, but here's my review of the 911 Carrera GTS with a few thoughts about its new engine, gearbox and a quick comparison with the new 9 The biggest 991. 2 GT3 news is the introduction of a sixspeed manual transmission.

Because the Porsche Doppelkupplung sevenspeed will shift in less time and produce quicker laps, the initial 991 version was PDKonly. Read the full TG review inside. Porsche 911 GTS review: why cheapest is best; First Drive; Spec; and 991 gts manual reviews five years on from Porsches first sevenspeed manual, theres still curious Jan 31, 2017  New GTS is the pick of the 911 Carrera range Skip to main content area (991) Carrera GTS review The best new Carrera yet.

Dan Prosser The manual gearshift is Here's What Makes the Manual Porsche 911 GT3 So Special. The first 991generation Porsche 911 GT3 had a 475 horsepower flatsix that revved to 9, 000 rpm. Porsche 911 GT3 Manual Review Jul 05, 2018 I didn't realize that I was missing out on an element when driving. Adding nature to your driving is magic. This was not the only thing that surprised me whe This 911 in Targa 4 GTS trim with a manual transmission certainly is vying for our utmost affection.

Now that weve tested nearly every variant released thus far in the 991. 2 generation of The 991 also saw the advent of the GTSbadged Targa, which added 30 horsepower over the S model. This secondgeneration 991. 2 Targa 4 GTS that weve just driven gets 450 991 gts manual reviews again, 30 horsepower more than the Scourtesy of extra turbooriented finagling. There are few motoring experiences that can beat the simplicity of a twowheel drive GTS with a manual.

A dying breed, it sometimes seems, but the world is full of dying breeds. Car Reviews That crucial third pedal is the reason were driving this Guards Red GT3. Porsche didnt offer the option in the 991generation GT3, but bowed to the wishes of enthusiasts worldwide and developed a bespoke sixspeed manual for the 911 R and 991. 2 GT3. Earlier in the day, I'd attacked the equally delightful Monitor Pass, aka California State Highway 89, in a 2018 911 Targa GTS with the evertelepathic PDK dualclutch transmission and allwheel drive.

Aug 02, 2018  Reviews; Porsche; Porsche 911; 9 10. Overall verdict. Carrera T and Carrera GTS all of which get a twinturbo flatsix engine. You can have each as either a manual Apr 29, 2017  But, theres now an updated, 991.

2 version, and guess what: its available with a God damn sixspeed manual gearbox. A modified version of the transmission from the 911 R no less, with the singlemass flywheel swapped to a dual mass version.