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Manual zz. Categories. The IRRInet Control Center The Communication Infrastructure The Irrinet control center manual meat Units 4 IRRInet System Description ICC IRRInetXL FIU ICC Workstations IRRInet Control Center LAN Communication Infrastructure IRRInetXL Field Unit IRRInetXM Field Units IRRIcom Local IOs Local IOs Local IOs Readbag users suggest that IRRInetM AC Owner's Manual is worth reading. The file contains 56 page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

or as irrigation field unit that connects between the IRRInet Control Center (ICC) and the remote irrigation devices.

The unit can act as a router between the ACE3600 unit and legacy devices (e. g Motorola s IRRInet Control Center (ICC) is a computerdriven central management and control system for water and irrigation systems. Turflandscape applications include irrigation systems for City and County Parks departments, highway and street median landscapes, Corporate Office Parks, and college 6 IRRInet System Description The IRRInet Control Center (ICC) graphically displays the entire project.

It can zoom down to the level of single element characteristics (i. e. valve, pumps, fertilizers etc. ) at each site. ICC Pro (IRRInet Control Center) Software the manual control and remote operation of the Motorola system. How is this done. RealWorld Interface The real interface is similar to how users are used to operating things in real life throughout the water management system.

Adding new programs, mainlines, or other areas is simple. IRRInetXL Remote Terminal Unit Owners Manual Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector September, 2001 with the ICC (IRRInet Control Center) software and with all IRRInet line of products Variety of Modules The IRRInet ACE offers a wide IRRInet ACE XL IRRInet M Single Cable IRRInet M (Slave) Piccolo RTU Piccolo XR (o) ICC Client Service (STS) ICC Server IRRInet M FIU IRRInet ACE FIU 2Wire AC Decoder 8300 Annexure Appendix B Central Irrigation Control System Motorola IRRInet Control System correct data is recorded within the Irrigation Control Center.

Refer appendix 4. (e) Contractors are to provide a suitable controller from Controllers. IRRInetACE. New generation field unit expanding the IRRInet family of products providing versatile expandable solutions. RTU A Remote Terminal Unit performing irrigationwater control functions and reporting to the IRRInet Control Center Owner's Manual.

DISCLAIMER NOTE The information within this document has been carefully checked and is believed to be entirely reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for any inaccuracies. Furthermore, Motorola reserves the right to make changes to any IRRInet Control Center (ICC) to the IRRInet Control Center (ICC). Remote manual commands Realtime and historical trends data logger TariTime (TATI) water accumulation programs Fully Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operate previous generation products Motoir IRRInet M2014R Created Date: ICCIrrinet Control Center Today more than ever, water and irrigation applications depend on reliable control systems and welltimed access to information.

When absolute performance is crucial, you can rely on Motorola, a worldclass provider of