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Feb 17, 2015 So far after browsing Google and YouTube for near 7 hours yesterday, I came across the best video ever, but the Tx had a different firmware, and this is the issue all us dummies find.

Lots of videos on how to do stuff, in all the different name brands except Turnigy 9x and in all types of firmwares except the stock. In this tutorial I am going to show how to install the FrSky 2.

4G DIY Transmitter module into a Turnigy 9X. My transmitter came without its own module so you might like to remove that first. An easy job and I am not going to describe that here. The Turnigy 9X is now using the solid and reliable 9 channel 2. 4GHz AFHDS 2A spread spectrum technology, making it compatible with a huge range of receivers.

This is how i modded my turnigy 9x radio into a awesome radio! it had cool paint job and 7 in monitor etc. When you add up all the costs the 9x with mods isn't much cheaper than a Taranis (if at all), and the Taranis feels much better to fly with (especially the gimbles). That said compared to what was available before that is an impressive all in one mod for sure, and if you already own a 9x and can't afford a Taranis it sounds like it might be a Oct 30, 2016 The manual will be of assistance to anyone who wants to Best turnigy 9x manual youtube the most out of a 9x or 9XR transmitter equipped with genuine Er9x firmware.

Note that the manual does not cover the stock firmware provided with the 9x transmitter, or the modified version of Er9x that is included with the 9XR. backlight radio firmware range mine manual control youtube lipo mods switch turnigy value instructions planes identical stock controller video tested Top customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

This transmitter can be found under a number of different names: the Eurgle 9x, FlySky 9x, Imax 9x and Turnigy 9x. Its cheap and one can be had for between 50 to 150. Modlisme, vol FPV (First Person View), Mulitcopter, XCopter, Radiocommande, Quacopter, Aile volante, Wings, vidos embarques. Sep 30, 2010 I'm interested in making the Turnigy 9x v2 work with my Blade CX3 and Blade mCX2. I've already taken the 9x apart to switch it from mode 2 to mode 1, I've ordered the parts to allow me to program it and I see how the current 2.

4ghz module is connected (ie, the wire is connected on both ends wo any connector). The Turnigy 9X is one of the best RC transmitters out there at the moment for its price. For 60, youll get a 9 channel transmitter (8 usable), a receiver and a bind plug, but with no battery. Jan 10, 2011  So here we have the 9X transmitter made by FlySky and also sold under other names like Turnigy, Eurgle, Imax and others. This is probably Sep 24, 2011 Forums; Magazine; Blogs; Classifieds; Places