Nord modular editor manual

FIG. 2: Shown above is the FATBass NL2 factory patch, viewed in the Nord Modular G2 Editor software. Userselectable colors make the various module sections easier to see. FATBass, which has two oscillators, one filter, three LFOs, and five envelopes, can produce up to seven notes of polyphony.

Nord Modular English User Manual v3. 0 Edition 3. 0. pdf English User Manual v3. 0 Edition 3. 0 Nord Modular Editor Note for Windows users: Place the Helpfile in the same folder as the Nord Modular Editor v3. 03 executable. Nord Modular from now on, and the second part is the software editor, which will be called the Editor.

Nord Modular comes in three different models, Nord Modular Key with a twooctave keyboard, Nord Modular Rack and Nord Micro Modular. May 05, 2017 The software is the Nord Modular Editor. It is simply an editor, but a powerful one that graphically shows you a the modules you want and is where you graphically make patches between modules and synthesize a sound.

View and Download Clavia Nord Modular V3 user manual online. Clavia Nord Modular V3: User Guide. Nord Modular V3 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. NORD MODULAR V3. 0 6. Editor reference If you press the F9 key, the MIDI Controller assignment will be displayed in hintboxes. If you press the F12 key, the Nord modular editor manual MIDI Controller values First of all, Nord Modular and Micro Modular require a separate MIDI interface port for communication with the Editor.

This MIDI port must not be shared by other MIDI applications, such as sequencers etc. A typical patch in Nord Modular G2 Editor (although note that this screengrab was done on a dualmonitor PC system). The soundgenerating modules are cabled together on the left, while the processing modules are situated under the grey bar.

Nord Modular G1 Rack Manual Nord Keyboards: Forum dedicated to the Clavia Nord Keyboards, particularly the Nord MIDI Tutorial Synth Introduction B3 Drawbar Settings Manuals (nonenglish) Nord Patch Editor Nord Modular G1 Manual open terminal, type wine, hit space and drag the nord modular editor exe from I'm looking for rack ears for the g1 does anyone know where to find them or View and Download Clavia Nord lead owner's manual online.

Nord lead Synthesizer pdf manual download.