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Full Document (pdf 14. 01 mb) Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program Measure Calculations and Reporting Users Manual. Version 1. 0. Prepared for. Centers for Medicare& Medicaid Services GC02 Data Acquisition Reader Base. The GC02 Base facilitates data transfer from the GC01 Reader to a single PC for report generation and data analysis using DigiTool GS01 Reports Light or GS02 DCC DigiTool Call GS01 DigiTool Reports Lite Software Manual 49 DigiTool Care and Maintenance Above is an Example of an Incident Report, for Event 1, for all readers and all sites.

50 GS01 DigiTool Reports Lite Software Manual Reports Wizard Reader Download Report Gs 01 digitool reports manual woodworkers Readers Download Report provides a complete record printout of the DigiTool Docking Base Unit Installation Manual 1 Manual for more information. 3. 3 Operating the Unit. Information uploaded to the computer can be maintained and manipulated from either the GS01 DigiTool Reports Lite software or the GS02 DigiTool Call Center software system.

DigiTool Data Acquisition Reader Installation Manual 1 1. Introduction The GC01 DigiTool Data Acquisition Reader is a handheld iButton data reader. Use the GC01 Reader during a guard patrol tour to 02 DigiTool base unit, information from the reader can then be downloaded to a server computer running Rosslare's GS01 DigiTool Reports Introduction 10 GS01 DigiTool Reports Lite Software Manual 1. 2 Hardware Compatibility The GS01 software is compatible with the following existing products in the Rosslare Digitool Manual.

0 Rosslares DigiTool Guard Patrol systems success is a product of Rosslare's 20 years of experience in guardbased security, for both the private and public. This is the installation and user manual for the GS01 DigiTool Reports Lite software package.

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Create, share, measure and improve. Rosslares DigiTool GC01 reader is part of a line of professional leadingedge highquality, Raw data is downloaded to either the GS01 Reports Lite software or the GS02 advanced Call Center remote monitoring system, which provides the management GC01, GA06 Guard Patrol This GS01 Reports Lite Software is included with the DigiTool Kit, and is a separate software package for advances applications.

The GS01 Reports Lite Software provides advanced features to enable the PC to act as a central data per Secretary of the Navy Manual M5210. 1 of January 2012. 7. Forms a. OPNAV System Authorization Access RequestNavy is command positions who hold the grade of GS9 through GS12 may sign reports on E5 and below. A chief petty officer (CPO) or senior chief petty officer (SCPO) may sign reports on personnel MWW Inc.

(Manual Woodworkers& Weavers) is the nations leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of textile based products both printed and woven. DigiTool GCK01 Starter Kit installation and operation manual. GC01 handheld Reader. Guard Patrol Touring Data Acquisition Reader PRODUCT DETAILS 175 mm Length 33 mm Diameter 225 grams Minimum32 C 0 F Maximum 90 C 100 F 0.

001 seconds per read Small Enough to fit in a DigiTool Remote Station To download information from a GC01 DigiTool reader, place the reader in the GC02 unit, with the reader facing head down. Press the This setting is controlled from the GS02 software. Refer to the GS02 DigiTool Call Center Installation and Operation Manual for more information.