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News. Stay up to date with Data Physics news. News ABtronix Offering Training Courses in October. The Course Introduction to Vibration will take place next October 16th and 17th. The Course Fixtures, Software and Specifications for Vibration will take place October 18th. Data Physics returns to IMAC, February 11 15, 2018 in Introducing the DataPhysics DCAT 9 automated tensiometer.

Employing both the DuNouy ring andor the Wilhelmy Plate, the DCAT 9 facilitates the fully automated determination of the surface and interfacial tension of liquids, to a maximum temperature of 130C.

The available software modules for the DCAT 9& DCAT 9T are: DCATS 31 surface and interfacial tension; DCATS 34 liquid density; DCATS 36 solid density; Learn more about the DCATS modules. Accessories. Due to the modular product design the DCAT 9 9T can be combined with a multitude of options of the versatile DCAT accessories range.

The DCAT 9 is an efficient, highprecision measuring device for the weightbased measurements of surface and interfacial tension. This can be done fast, reliable and reproducible by the Wilhelmy, the Du Noy as well as the Du NoyPaddayMethod.

Additionally, optional software modules allow the density determination of liquids and solid samples. (The sample holders for fibre bundles and powders FH 11 and PUR 11 can not be used with a DCAT 25SF) Holders for films FO 11 and for plates PSH 11.

(each reference weight has to be placed into the DCAT manually). A set of reference Data physics dcat 11 manually consists of the following components: Welcome to the Data Physics Noise and Vibration Test Blog!

: Welcome to the Data Physics Noise and Vibration Test Blog! Data Physics team of experts is collectively contributing to this blog with the purpose of generating discussion and educating the Continue Reading Advanced vibration control and analysis features; Optional local throughput disk; NEW MultiFrequency Sine Control. The Industry Standard. SignalStar Vector is a vibration controller, or random vibration controller, that runs on Abacus, the worlds first DSPcentric engine. DataPhysics, simply ask for our booklet Surface Chemistry An DCAT 21 DCAT 11 26 Dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers Hotline and services Data sheets 32 Specifications of OCA ACA Specifications of PCA DCAT SVT Table of contents.

7 6 e s i c e r r p o s f d r a d n a t l s a c i t p O s t l u s e r Density determination set for liquids DIS 11 and Du Noy rings RG 11 and RG 10 Wilhelmy plates PT 9 and PT 11 Available measuring methods and technical data DCAT 9 9T DCAT 15 DCAT 25 DCAT 25SF DCAT product series Application Note 10 Determination of surface free energy of powders with DataPhysics DCAT 11 Determination of wetting properties of powders by the Washburn method.

Problem An understanding of the wetting properties of powders, together with the mechanisms involved and the consequences there of, is crucial within a number of application fields. Dataphysics DCAT 11 Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer Particle and Surface Sciences are pleased to introduce the Dataphysics DCAT 11 Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer. The DCAT 11 11EC is used for the softwarecontrolled measurement of the contact angle of powders and fibre bundles and the adsorption behavior of liquids on wettable materials according to the modified DCAT 11 Dynamic contact angle measuring DCAT 11HR instruments and tensiometers.

DCAT 11 and DCAT Dynamic contact angle measuring 11HR instruments and tensiometers surface of 2 ms. The product properties of the DCAT 11 permit its use in interfacechemical app matically or manually