Rockett pedals allan holdsworth manual

Rockett Allan Holdsworth OD Smooth yet articulate is a description Id like to hear about overdrives, because it is my ideal yet seems rather hard to achieve.

To be articulate there must be a healthy dose of treble content, but its so easy to end up sounding harsh or strident. Buy Rockett Pedals Allan Holdsworth OverdriveBoost Guitar Effects Pedal: Distortion& Overdrive Amazon. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Sep 04, 2012 Finally got a video of Allan demoing his new signature ODBoost.

It was like pulling teeth but Allan finally agreed to play a bit. Allan Holdsworth J. Rockett Audio Designs Signature OD J. Rockett Audio Designs Allan Holdsworth Overdrive The Allan Holdsworth Signature ODBoost was designed along side Allan to create a very versatile tool.

This pedal gives you a very mild OD and a very tweakable boost section that allows for different EQ emphasis. Oct 23, 2013 Hi guys, a quick vid here testing out the Rockett Holdsworth signature overdrive pedal. I just got it and am loving it so far! Very versatile little thing. Rockett Allan Holdsworth ODBoost.

5 ratings. Electric Guitar Effect Pedal. Manual. PDF. test results: Read review. Smart Navigator. Rockett Distortion Pedals at a glance; display Distortion Pedals in price range 250 350 go to product group Miscellaneous Guitar Effects; Buy J.

Rockett Audio Designs Allan Holdsworth OverdriveBoost Guitar Effects Pedal: Distortion& Overdrive Amazon. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Sep 06, 2012  Does the pedal model the Marshall gain Allan was using, or will I need a Marshall to go with it? Will the pedal work for clean Fender amps to get THAT sound? Holdsworth is J. Rockett Audio Designs has teamed up with renowned fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth to offer one of the most versatile, highlyshapable overdriveboost pedals on the market!

: the Allan Holdsworth Rockett Pedals LLC. will repair or replace, at its discretion, defective workmanship or materials on all new Rockett Pedals products directly or through; the selling dealer or an authorized ALLAN HOLDSWORTH INSTRUCTION MANUAL Author: Chris Van Tassel Created Date: ALLAN HOLDSWORTH OVERDRIVE BOOST Allan needed a pedal to combat backlines yet still achieve his signature sound and feel.

Rockett pedals allan holdsworth manual pedal turned out better than we expected and has proven to be a mainstay on our personal boards. JRAD Holdsworth Manual and Warranty. His signature Rockett pedal chases the tone of one of his favourite amps, the Naylor SuperDrive 60, and is effectively two pedals in one that can be used independently or cascaded together; the power amp boost is designed to ape the big 5881 bottles in the SD60s power stage.

Legendary jazzfusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth needs little Oct 02, 2012 J Rockett ALLAN HOLDSWORTH overdrive Discussion in ' Gear Demo Videos& Sound Clips Archive ' started by MHermans, May 17, 2012. Page 2 of 3